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Here's all our best information on religious trauma, codependency, trauma responses and recovery. 

Myths About Codependency

When someone first learns about the idea of codependency, they can fall in to a panic around collecting information about how to stop these exhausting and toxic dynamics. But, for all the research that is out there, you might come across some myths that aren’t actually true about...

Four Signs You are a People-Pleaser

Oh the dreaded people-pleasing. I know, it can be a tough pill to swallow to be described as a people-pleaser. Oftentimes we finally come to this realization when we acknowledge our exhaustion, overwhelm, and find ourselves having a hard time asserting our boundaries. 

Does that sound like...

How to Overcome People-Pleasing

If you are here, it’s likely you’ve read a list of symptoms identifying you as a people-pleaser or someone has used this phrase to describe you. If this is a new revelation for you, you might be frantically on the hunt to know how the heck to overcome these people-pleasing tendencies....

Interacting with Family and Friends in the Group you Left Behind

Leaving a religious community or cult is very difficult work. You are leaving your community of people, your belief system, and much of what you know. This process is destabilizing, as you uproot and change your life. After leaving your group, you probably have complicated feelings about your...

What Does a Healthy Relationship or Friendship Look Like?

You’ve likely found yourself going down a rabbit hole of identifying some really unhealthy patterns in your relationships and are left with one big question: What does a healthy relationship actually look like? I’m sharing some ideas of what health looks like in relationships and how...

Healing Anxiety and Managing the Nervous System

Trauma + the Nervous System

Trauma is a difficult experience, but it can be managed. In this blog post I will discuss how to better understand trauma responses and provide you with steps for managing anxiety. I’ll also talk about how the nervous system works and what you can do to help...

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