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Here's all our best information on religious trauma, codependency, trauma responses and recovery. 

Cult Recovery: 4 Common Red Flags

We have been talking a lot lately about rigid religions and cult recovery here at Traumastery. While cults can seem completely different in their beliefs, practices, and tactics, they will all have the same glaring red flags that, once you know what to look for, can make them much easier to spot....

Deconstructing After Leaving Your Cult or Religion

What is deconstruction?

Deconstructing after religious trauma refers to the process of examining and reevaluating one's beliefs and experiences after experiencing trauma within a religious context. This process may involve questioning previously held beliefs, revisiting past experiences, and...

The Link Between Codependency and Self-Betrayal

Have you noticed in yourself a tendency to minimize your own needs? To not cause a fuss and keep the peace at all costs? These may be reflections of one of codependency’s main symptoms: self-betrayal

Signs you might be in a pattern of self-betrayal include:

  • Saying “yes”...

Where Does Codependency Start?

I get the common question: where does codependency start? Simply put: it begins when a child grows up in intense, unpredictable, or chaotic environments. 

The term was originally born in the substance abuse community to describe children of alcoholics or addicts. Because the environment...

What are Toxic Relationships?

The term “toxic relationship” is thrown around on the inter-webs a lot and it can leave you asking your self, “Wait, am I in a toxic relationship? How do I know? And what exactly do I do about it?” 

Toxic relationships are most simply defined as being relationships...

Ways to Manage Discouragement in Your Codependency Journey

Codependent folks are hard workers. When you learn that you have a tricky relational dynamic, your instinct to work hard to change those patterns kicks into high gear. You were already tired before you started the healing journey, and that’s likely how you discovered codependency; by...

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Do I Have Religious Trauma?

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What is Deconstruction?

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