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Don't know if you were in a cult? Take our free quiz and find out

Were you in a cult?  

Group dynamics can be so confusing when groups become coercive and controlling.

So we created a free and quick quiz to see if your group has the features of a cult.

If you grew up in a culty group or joined one as an adult, knowledge is the first step in taking back your relational health.

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Cult trauma is more common than we think. 

Do you worry that you were part of a cult and it is having a big impact on your life?

Cult abuse can feel like...

A complete loss of feeling safe in any group environment outside of your cult group. 

A deep worry about your future, including whether you are going to end up suffering in eternity because your group constantly scared you.

Being violated by an overreaching and demanding group leadership who forced you to follow rules instead of hearing concerns about the impact of the rules.

Feeling significant shame around having human emotion-- you were probably taught this was wrong and terrible. 

You do not have to live with cult trauma forever. You can begin your recovery now.


Now what?

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Explore our courses that are aimed to help you regulate your nervous system, understand your trauma responses and support your recovery. 

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