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For trauma recovery and getting your life back after trauma. 




Reclaiming Relationships After Trauma

Learn how to reconnect even if you struggle with an anxious, avoidant or complicated attachment history. Trauma survivors don't have to suffer forever.  You can get your relationships back.   

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Nervous System Mastery

Learn how to regulate your nervous system so you aren't stress out, checked out, or overwhelmed all of the time.  Trauma survivors can learn skills to regulate and make recovery more approachable. 

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A Year of Non-Magical Thinking:

For Survivors

Learn how religious trauma and cult groups impact the mental health of members.  Get personalized exercises for working through the internal messiness after leaving a coercive groups. 

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A Year of Non-Magical Thinking

For Therapists

This is for therapists and clinicians wanting to learn how to treat and support religious trauma clients in clinical settings.  Full of research, resources, and assessments you can use with your clients.

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