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Religious trauma & cult recovery 

Making recovery from toxic groups approachable for therapists and survivors. 

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(Traumastery: Like monastery but for trauma)

Therapists: Get our free reading list for religious trauma & cult recovery

Looking for a book list that can kickstart your journey to becoming an expert on religious trauma and cult abuse? Get a copy of the list we customize for our students. 


Are you ready to become an expert on helping religious trauma clients?

Do you feel completely lost when it comes to supporting clients with religious trauma?

Most graduate programs don't focus on the nuances of religious trauma and cult abuse, leaving us feeling lost and overwhelmed when these clients walk through our therapy doors. We sit with our religious trauma or cult abuse clients and think... Could I be doing more for them? Am I helping them enough? 

You no longer have to feel so alone in treating religious or cult trauma clients.

A Year of Non-Magical Thinking for Therapists

Join our community of therapists and other clinicians actively becoming experts on religious trauma and cult abuse. Grow your practice with our growing referral network of other providers & get all the client tools Dr. Quincee personally uses in her practice. New content drops every month.

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One-on-One Consultation for Religious Trauma Cases

No one teaches us how to address religious trauma in our clients.  But there's a growing need in the community. Join us for one-on-one consultation and/or supervision with Dr. Quincee, a clinical psychologist specializing in cult recovery. 

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Specialized Courses in Religious Trauma & Cult Abuse Recovery

Explore our library of courses built for therapists, helpers, clinicians and practitioners. Learn about indoctrination, coercive control and how to help your clients feel regulated after relational abuse. 

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Are you ready to have an expert walk you through how to recover after religious trauma or a culty experience?

Are you feeling lost in knowing how to recover from your experience? 

Feeling overwhelmed in recovery is the most common experience amongst survivors.  You are walking way from a world where you were completely submerged in the rules, rigidity and demands of that groups.  So it totally makes sense that you are feeling overwhelmed.  Now you're out in a different world to stay safe, heal your nervous system, and find a healthy way forward. 

You are not alone. We offer two ways to get religious and cult trauma support.


A Year of Non-Magical Thinking for Survivors

Join a monthly membership and learn how indoctrination, coercive control, and emotional manipulation kept you afraid and stuck in your toxic group. Gain skills for managing your anxiety and overwhelm with journal prompts. Connect with a community of survivors that are making their way through the icky stuff together. 


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One-on-One Coaching for Religious Trauma Survivors

If you want personalized feedback and coaching on how to help yourself move forward after cult abuse and religious trauma, then coaching might be for you.  Coaching is available to our members of YONMT, so join us there for education and amped up support. 


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Specialized Courses in Religious Trauma & Cult Abuse Recovery

Explore our library of courses built to help survivors thrive after relational or interpersonal trauma.  Learn about indoctrination, coercive control and how to help yourself feel calm again after your world has been flipped upside down. 


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Introducing: Regulated

Nervous System Mastery Course


Regulated is a nervous system mastery course for the amped up, stressed out, or shut down trauma survivor. I teach you how to regulate and become calmer under a month. 

The course is open for registration until August 31st.  

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Not sure if your group was a cult? Or maybe you're on the fence about whether or not your religion caused some trauma...we've got a quiz for you.


Want to take our free religious trauma quiz? 

It takes less than 5 minutes and you get immediate results.  Find our if your symptoms might be related to religious trauma.  

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Want to take our free cult quiz? 

Maybe you don't know if your group was a little bit toxic or culty.  We have a free quiz to help you spot the red flags of cult groups, and will only take about 5 minutes.

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Hi there, I'm Dr. Quincee—

I'm a clinical psychologist and a religious trauma survivor

I help therapists and survivors understand the mental health consequences of religious trauma or cult abuse. 

I remember sitting in a theology class over a decade ago and realizing that my experience inside my religion had been traumatizing.


I was in need of some real support. I looked for therapists that specialized in this sort of trauma and after weeks of searching, I realized no one in my area specialized in these experiences.

Now, over 13 years later, I've worked with hundreds of therapy and coaching clients and taught over 100 therapists how to treat religious trauma and cult abuse. I feel so privileged to get to teach survivors and therapists each day and I want to make that support accessible to you.

I've taken all of the knowledge that I've learned and put together a collection of courses for survivors and therapists.


Want more resources? 

Our blog is stuffed with free resources, helpful information, and more. 

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