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Here's all our best information on religious trauma, codependency, trauma responses and recovery. 

Benefits of a Religious Trauma Support Group

Experiencing religious trauma can be deeply distressing and feel extremely isolating, leaving individuals feeling confused, hurt, and disconnected from their faith. A religious trauma support group can provide a safe and supportive space for individuals to share their experiences and feelings,...

Am I In A Cult?

Cults are groups that use manipulative tactics to control and exploit their members. They often have charismatic leaders who demand complete devotion from their followers, and they may use tactics such as isolation, fear, and indoctrination to maintain control. Cults can be found in a variety of...

Common Symptoms of Codependency

When we first hear the term “codependency”, many of us immediately say, “Nope, not me.  I’m not codependent.” We find many reasons to justify our toxic relational patterns and our overwhelm and exhaustion. In fact, many of us believe this is simply how...

What is Emotional Co-Regulation?

One of the most important components of relationships is the ability to co-regulate. 

Complex Trauma Resources defines co-regulation as “the process through which children develop the ability to soothe and manage distressing emotions and sensations from the beginning of life through...

How Trauma Impacts the Pelvic Floor

Post created in partnership with Origin Physical Therapy + Traumastery

Instagram: @theoriginway, @drquincee and @drmeganjohnson for more information 

Trigger warning: sexual assault

The body and mind work together

You’ve heard us say this at Traumastery but trauma does not just impact...

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Common Symptoms of Codependency

Do I have Religious Trauma?

The 4 Trauma Responses

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Religious Trauma Blogs

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Do I Have Religious Trauma?

Am I In A Cult?

What is Deconstruction?

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