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Here's all our best information on religious trauma, codependency, trauma responses and recovery. 

What Does a Healthy Relationship or Friendship Look Like?

You’ve likely found yourself going down a rabbit hole of identifying some really unhealthy patterns in your relationships and are left with one big question: What does a healthy relationship actually look like? I’m sharing some ideas of what health looks like in relationships and how...

Healing Anxiety and Managing the Nervous System

Trauma + the Nervous System

Trauma is a difficult experience, but it can be managed. In this blog post I will discuss how to better understand trauma responses and provide you with steps for managing anxiety. I’ll also talk about how the nervous system works and what you can do to help...

8 Common Religious Trauma Symptoms

Religious trauma is more common than you might think. When trauma happens within religious environments, unique symptoms can arise. Oftentimes, there’s a mix of upsetting trauma symptoms and the mental health outcomes of living in repressive and controlling environments.  


What are the Types of Dissociation?

One of the most common ways that our brains protect ourselves from receiving too much traumatizing information is through dissociation

Dissociation is one of the powerful and merciful ways that our brain takes a break from reality in order to protect us from feeling pain, taking in...

What is Religious Trauma?

Let’s first start off with defining trauma. Trauma is anything that happens “too much, too fast” or "too often". This overwhelms our nervous systems and we are made to feel temporarily overwhelmed, which initiates our survival mechanisms of fight, flight, freeze, or fawn.


Demystifying Cults: Two by Twos

We talk a lot about religious trauma and cult recovery here at Traumastery, and we believe that knowledge is power, so let’s take a moment to learn about the cult: Two by Twos. Scroll down to the bottom of this post to watch Dr. Quincee break down the features of the Two by Twos.

The Two by...

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