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Religious Trauma Quiz

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Do you have religious trauma? 

Trauma often continues to haunt us because we doubt our own memory about what happened.

So we created a free & easy quiz to see if you might have some religious trauma symptoms.

If you grew up in a rigid religious group or joined one later in life, we can help you start to understand what impact those groups had on your overall mental health.

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Religious trauma is more common than we think. 

Do you worry that your religious group caused trauma in your life?

Religious trauma can feel like...

A complete loss of the feeling of safety after an abusive or traumatizing church experience. Being violated by an overreaching and dogmatic church, religious leadership, or community.

Feeling significant shame around having a human experience— having negative feelings or thoughts.

You do not have to live with religious trauma forever. You can begin your recovery now.

Now what?

Ready to start learning about religious trauma?  We've got just the thing...

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Learn how religious trauma impacts your mental health from a psychologist that specializes in cult and religious trauma recovery.

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De-Glorifying Suffering Workbook

Download our 10-week workbook and get a self-guided tool to help you understand your religious trauma and begin your recovery. 

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