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Religious Trauma in Clinical Settings

CE Course for Therapists

Want to learn about religious trauma and cult abuse? 


Take our course and receive 1.5 continuing education credits

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Do you want to help your clients with religious trauma? 

Therapists don't always get adequate training in trauma-informed therapy. They definitely don't get good training in helping religious and cult trauma clients.

So we created a course to help you support your religious trauma and cult survivor clients.

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  • Get the education needed to support your clients without the CE credit
  • Course available immediately online¬†
  • Excellent for clinicians, counselors, therapists, and other support persons

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Get Immediate Access

  • Get 1.5 Continuing Education credits (certified through NBCC)
  • Course available immeidately online¬†
  • Excellent for clinicians, counselors, therapists, and other support persons

Religious trauma is more common than we think. 

Do you want to get more educated on religious trauma so you can support your clients?

More and more folks are coming out as survivors of religious trauma.


We're getting more honest on social media about how common religious trauma and cult indoctrination can be.

Those folks are showing up to therapy wanting real support and guidance on how to cope with their tricky family dynamics and make sense of their religious trauma histories.

They need folks like you-- a therapist trained in cult dynamics and religious trauma recovery.

You can help your clients in really incredible ways.


Approved CE Provider

Traumastery has been approved by NBCC as an Approved Continuing Education Provider, ACEP
No. 7526. Programs that do not qualify for NBCC credit are clearly identified. Traumastery is
solely responsible for all aspects of the programs.

Want to be a certified religious trauma specialist in your practice?

We have a complete religious trauma training program for therapists.  Join us now. 

Religious + Cult Trauma Training for Therapists

Learn how to competently treat religious trauma and cult abuse in therapy.  This is a great training option for anyone wanting to become more trauma-informed or seasoned therapists wanting a space to discuss cases. 


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