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Get coaching that is a personalized combination of support growing your practice and your clinical skill. 


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Growing My Practice to 6 Figures
Growing my clinical skills to be trauma-informed
I want both: 6 figures and clinical growth

Business Growth Coaching for Therapists

Sometimes we just need a little help along the way.  Our coaching for therapists includes: 

  • Learning how I grew my 7-figure practice
  • Getting all the tools (think spreadsheets, contracts, and other nifty business tools) I've personally used to grow my practice
  • Four hours of intense coaching to problem-solve and get all the tools you need to succeed. 

 *Coaching is only provided for members of A Year of Non-Magical Thinking for Therapists. 

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Clinical Growth for Therapists

For those that want one-on-one coaching to become a better, more informed trauma therapist. 

  • Get my clinical tools I personally use with clients (think nervous system regulation tools, meditation library, and practical ways to assess for specific trauma)
  • Learn how to become a warm, competent and very skilled trauma-informed therapist
  • Create a powerful and specialized clinical niche within the trauma speciality. 

*Coaching only provided for members of A Year of Non-Magical Thinking for Therapists 

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Extended Coaching for Therapists

Want a combination of a powerhouse business plan for a 6-figure business and excellent training on becoming a trauma-informed therapist? This is for you. 

  • Get a full Business Analysis so you can plan out the next few years of your business
  • Get the technical tools I use for my success 7-figure business (think spreadsheets, online tools, and contracts) 
  • Focused coaching over 8 separate sessions to make sure you get everything you want out of the experience. 
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Our Unique Approach to Coaching

Coaching for Members

We do coaching a little differently.  We offer our coaching exclusively to members of A Year of Non-Magical Thinking for Therapists for a perfect combo of education and support. 

Religious Trauma & Cult Experts

Our coaching is exclusively provided by religious trauma and cult specialists.  We use all of the trauma-informed skills and education to further support you in becoming the niche therapist you want to be. 

Personalized Plan for Growth

Your coaching will include a personalized business plan for next steps with the use of all our of exclusive tools we have used to grow a 7-figure private practice. 

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It's full of all the reading materials we wished we had known about at the beginning of our clinical journey. 

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