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Hi, I'm Dr. Quincee

I teach therapists how to treat religious & cult trauma with approachable coaching


Meet our unique and specialized education team that helps you learn how to treat religious trauma and cult abuse.


I've been treating religious trauma for the past 10 years.


When I first left my rigid religious environment, I felt completedly overwhelmed with the idea of finding a therapist that understood the inner workings of culty groups and had the tools to help understand my mental health. Thankfully, things are changing.  More and more clients are reaching out to therapists wanting very specific support in overcoming their cult abuse or religious trauma.

So I  created a space for therapists to learn how to treat religious trauma and spiritual abuse. I researched, learned from experts, and listened to others that had been in culty groups. 


And now I'm bringing that space to you.  If you are a therapist, clinician or supportive healer wanting a better understanding of the psychology and recovery after religious and cult trauma, then this space is for you. 

Everyone deserves a safe and supportive space to untangle the twisted web of manipulation they endured in these groups. We can help you become a competent clinician through at-your-own-pace memberships, courses, and one-on-one coaching.


You don't have to navigate difficult religious & cult trauma cases alone...


... you can learn the indoctrination tactics used by toxic groups, finally feel competent in healing survivors, untangle their unhealthy experiences, and get back to the business of creating safety in the therapy room again. 

You are on a mission to help your clients in powerful ways and I am here to help. 

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Religious trauma and cult abuse recovery education that's approachable. 

Meet Our Educators

Megan Johnson, PhD

Specializes in religious trauma and complicated family relationships. Dr. Johnson helps people feel safe in group dynamics again, all while better understanding their relational attachment styles. She's one of the lead educators at Traumastery and a powerhouse of empowering information.

Quincee Gideon PsyD

Specializes in religious trauma and cult recovery. Dr. Quincee works with cult survivors in her practice and then teaches therapists how to better understand religious trauma in the therapy room. She's the lead educator at Traumastery and here to help you feel competent in your clinical work.

Elizabeth Jewitt, BA

Specializes in helping make coaching and education a seamless process at Traumastery. Elizabeth is our Coaching Matchmaker and runs all of our digital education programs behind the scenes.


Our Approach

Read all about our approach to religious trauma, codependency, nervous system regulation and more on our blog. 

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