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Our mission is to educate folks on coercive groups so we take away their power to hurt people.

Therapists & survivors

Get help with religious trauma & cult abuse recovery

I'm Dr. Quincee and I specialize in religious trauma, spiritual abuse, and cult recovery. If you are a survivor wanting help understanding your experience or a therapist hoping to create expertise in treating religious trauma, then you've found the right place.


Continuing Education for Therapists

Religious Trauma in Clinical Settings 

Get 1.5 CE Credits for your licensing requirements with our clinical course. We teach you how to assess for the different kinds of religious trauma, as well as understand the impact of coercive control and religious trauma and mental and emotional health. 

The course is now open for registration. CE certification by NBCC.  Register now!

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Neurofeedback From Home

Nervous System Mastery

We recommend neurofeedback to most of our trauma survivor clients. This is a safe, non-invasive, professional-grade system that you can use from the comfort of your home. 

No need for appointments or scheduling nightmares.  Simply rent one of our systems and use for 4 weeks at home. We'll walk you through the steps 

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Woven Together Trauma Therapy

Trauma Specialty Practice Online & Santa Monica, CA

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Religious Trauma & Cult Recovery

Education and Training online

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Grey Matter Psych Testing

ADHD & Neuropsych Testing Online & Santa Monica, CA

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Media & Speaking Engagements

If you have have a media appearance, teaching opportunity or speaking engagement you'd like our support with, please fill out the form below.

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Calling all therapists & clinicians

Finally feel competent to support your religious trauma & cult survivor clients. 


A year of non-magical thinking

Calling all therapists and clinicians who are finally ready to feel like an expert in treating religious trauma and cult abuse: we have a curated certification program for you. We teach you everything you need to know to feel competent and grounded with trauma-informed treatment for religious and cult abuse.

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Trauma Coaching for Clinicians

If you want to become an expert in religious trauma and grow your practice into a thriving space where clients can find you (the expert they actually need to see!), this is for you. Get a business analysis, personalized feedback, and coaching on making your expertise a thriving part of growing your practice.

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Want our free reading list for therapists?

It's our comprehensive reading list to master religious trauma and cult abuse. 

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Calling all religious & cult trauma survivors

Finally feel like you're on the path to recovery after so many overwhelming experiences inside your religion or cult. 


A year of non-magical thinking for survivors

Calling all survivors of religious trauma or cult abuse. If you are an ex-vangelical, ex-Mormon, ex-JW, former cult member or family member with a loved one stuck in an unhealthy and coercive group, this membership was made for you! Learn how cults and religious groups work, get tools for recovery, and finally get your life back.

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Trauma Recovery Courses for Survivors

If you scratch your head in confusion on how to actually learn skills for coping with trauma, regulating your nervous system, practicing self-care in a realistic way or setting boundaries, then we have a full library of courses made for you. Use our step-by-step guide to learning coping skills and implement them when you're overwhelmed.

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Religious Trauma Coaching For Survivors

If you want to more practical and personalized feedback about your religious trauma journey, we have coaching available with our trained staff of religious trauma experts. We do coaching a little differently and only offer it to the members of A Year of Non-Magical Thinking. Join our membership and get additional coaching along the way.

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Religious Trauma & Cult Abuse Therapists

Reach out to our trauma specialty therapy practice (for California residents only)

Clinical Treatment Options

EMDR Therapy

Weekly or Intensive

We specialize in helping trauma survivors thrive again by using brain-based interventions to help you process your trauma. We use EMDR to help you process triggers and finally feel grounded in the aftermath of trauma.


Ketamine- Assisted Psychotherapy

3, 6, or 12 Sessions

We provide cutting-edge treatment for trauma recovery through Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy. Your therapist walks you through 3, 6, or 12 ketamine journeys to help you process trauma and get to deep levels of understanding.

Brainspotting Therapy

Weekly or Intensive

Brainspotting Therapy is an excellent option for folks that struggle with dissociation. If you are wanting a safe space to process your trauma, our Brainspotting specialist is here to help.


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 Clinical Specialties

Narcissistic Abuse

Adult Child of Narcissistic or Borderline Parents

If you are the adult child of a parent with borderline or narcissistic issues, then it makes sense that you might have difficulty mastering your relational dynamics.


Complex PTSD & Trauma

Survivors of complex traumatic family situations

If you are an adult with a history of complex PTSD or trauma, then clinical intervention can help you understand how you can best support yourself in recovery.

Attachment Trauma


If you are an adult with a history of difficulty feeling connected and safe in relationships, then we can help you understand your relational needs in new ways.


Sexual Abuse & Assault

Survivor of assault, abuse or other tricky traumatic experiences

If you are the adult child of a parent with borderline or narcissistic issues, then it makes sense that you might have difficulty mastering your relational dynamics.


Religious & Cult Trauma

Survivors of cults and rigid religious experiences

If you are an adult with a history of complex traumatic issues occurring in a religious or cult group, then we have experts that can help you make sense of your experiences


Survivors of people-pleasing or codependency issues

If you are an adult with a history of codependency and people-pleasing, then we can help you understand your trauma responses (hint: fawn) and feeling connected again.


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ADHD & Diagnostic Testing

Reach out to our assessment and testing practice (for California residents only)


Mini-ADHD Testing

Cost Effective Testing

If you need a clinical idea of whether you are dealing with ADHD, but you don't need the full diagnostic testing due to cost or time constraints, our Mini-ADHD Assessment is for you.

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ADHD Testing

Comprehensive Testing

We provide the comprehensive testing that you might need for your MCAT, LSAT, or any other office testing. We provide a full report that can be used in school or professional settings for additional support.

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Forensic Testing

Court-Ordered Testing

We provide forensic testing, such as competency, capacity, or other court-ordered assessments. We have experience with forensic testimonies and can provide expert witness testimonies.

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