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Themes of Religious Trauma in "Women Talking"

Let’s break down all of the religious trauma themes that we see in the film Women Taking. Trigger warning: sexual assault

I’m Dr. Quincee Gideon and I’m a clinical psychologist and educator specializing in religious trauma and cult abuse recovery. I want to point...

Stages of Deconstruction

Deconstruction from religion is a process that many people go through when they begin to question their belief system. The stages of deconstruction can vary from person to person, but some common stages include:

1. Doubt

This stage begins with questioning certain aspects of one's religion or...

Do I have Religious Trauma?

Religious trauma is a type of psychological trauma that can occur as a result of negative experiences within your religious community or as a result of a conflict between your personal beliefs and the teachings of your religion. This type of trauma can have serious consequences on your mental...

What is Deconstruction Coaching?

Religious deconstruction coaching is a form of therapy or coaching that helps individuals who are questioning or leaving their religion. It is designed to provide support and guidance to individuals who are navigating the often-difficult process of deconstructing their religious beliefs and...

Am I In A Cult?

Cults are groups that use manipulative tactics to control and exploit their members. They often have charismatic leaders who demand complete devotion from their followers, and they may use tactics such as isolation, fear, and indoctrination to maintain control. Cults can be found in a variety of...

Benefits of a Religious Trauma Support Group

Experiencing religious trauma can be deeply distressing and feel extremely isolating, leaving individuals feeling confused, hurt, and disconnected from their faith. A religious trauma support group can provide a safe and supportive space for individuals to share their experiences and feelings,...

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