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Two Types of Cults

By Dr. Quincee Gideon, PsyD 

We love de-mystifying cults over here at Traumastery, and one of the best ways to do so is to point out similarities so they don’t seem quite as “untouchable” and “mystical.”

While many cults may have very similar qualities, not all...

Stages of Deconstruction

Deconstruction from religion is a process that many people go through when they begin to question their belief system. The stages of deconstruction can vary from person to person, but some common stages include:

1. Doubt

This stage begins with questioning certain aspects of one's religion or...

What is Trauma-Informed Coaching?

Trauma-informed coaching is a specific approach to coaching that takes into account the impact of trauma on your life and well-being. It involves understanding the ways in which trauma can affect your thoughts, behaviors, and emotions, and adapting coaching strategies and techniques accordingly.

Gaslighting and Religious Trauma

We want religious organizations and communities to be safe, but when they are riddled with toxic emotional dynamics, those spaces become unsafe. One of the common unhealthy manipulation tactics that can be used in rigid and traumatizing religious communities is gaslighting.  


Cult Recovery: 4 Common Red Flags

We have been talking a lot lately about rigid religions and cult recovery here at Traumastery. While cults can seem completely different in their beliefs, practices, and tactics, they will all have the same glaring red flags that, once you know what to look for, can make them much easier to spot....

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