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Themes of Religious Trauma in "Women Talking"

Let’s break down all of the religious trauma themes that we see in the film Women Taking. Trigger warning: sexual assault

I’m Dr. Quincee Gideon and I’m a clinical psychologist and educator specializing in religious trauma and cult abuse recovery. I want to point...

Demands of Purity Culture & Its Impact

Purity Culture is a White, Evangelical Christian American phenomenon that was at its peak in the 1990s. Purity Culture strongly emphasized remaining pure by not engaging in impure sexual activity- any sexual activity outside of heterosexual Christian marriages.

Some of the media, organizations,...

How Destabilizing it is to Leave a Religious Community or Cult

No matter where you are in the deconstruction process, whether that be just beginning to question the church’s teachings or years away from the group’s control, it can be so destabilizing to actually leave a toxic group. After all, there are often many reasons why people identify with...

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