Has trauma left you feeling like you'll never be able to figure out relationships? 





Join our 4-part course & find more connection in your relationships in 30 days. 


Trauma did not break you.  You can feel calm and grounded again.


Does this feel familiar? 

You feel anxious about being left behind, abandoned or just too much in your relationships. 

Or maybe you feel worried about being overwhelmed and stuck in relationships if others get too needy.

If this sounds like you, you may have an attachment wound and it's getting in the way of your connections. 

When we add trauma into the mix, relationships become extra tricky. 


What if you could stop the pattern of rage and regret and actually find some connection?


Imagine feeling like an emotionally present parent instead of screaming to be heard. 

Imagine speaking to your partner about your needs without feeling panicky or shut down. 

Imagine not feeling like you need to run away or abandon your own needs for once, because you have skills to actually understand your attachment.  

Let's Get Attached

Do you know your attachment style? 


Are you securely attached?


Anxiously attached?


Perhaps a bit avoidant?


Take our short quiz and learn your attachment style in a few minutes. 

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Attached: Reclaiming Relationships After Trauma

A course to help disconnected trauma survivors feel connected again through attachment-based tools.

Perfect for:

Parents, partners, trauma survivors, teachers, caregivers, single folks, and anyone wanting to feel more connected and less confused in their relationships

Module One

Information-packed and digestible video on secure attachment, why it matters, and how you can begin to re-imagine your relationships in powerful and connection-oriented ways. 

Module Two

Learn how anxious attachment works, how it impacts your overall functioning in relationships, and why your partner, children and/or friends respond like they do when you get anxious. 

Module Three

Do a deep dive into avoidant attachment and how this plays out when you have an anxious partner.  Learn how to stop the anxious-avoidant trap in relationships with practical skills. 

Module FOUR

Our favorite week! Learn how to navigate an anxious or avoidant relational response using skills taught to you in the lecture.  Start to feel connected again in your relationships. 

I'm Ready to Get Started

You already survived the trauma once (or a lot of times)

You don't need to relive your trauma in your relationships. 

It's time to learn how to feel connected, even after life has taught you that relationships are scary.

You don't have to wonder how to feel connected.

I can teach you how to get out of your head and into your actual life.

Step One: 

Learn how attachment works and EXACTLY what you are doing to make things harder on yourself.  Get to the bottom of what goes wrong when you try to connect.

Step Two:

Now that you know what you're doing, it's time to figure out how to stop the disconnecting cycles and have healthy interactions with others.  Learn SKILLS to communicate needs.

Step Three:

Put those skills of yours to work in real-life interactions.  Start to feel calmer, more connected and able to relate without freaking out in 30 days.


Ready to feel connected in your relationships again (or maybe for the first time)? 

Join Our Waitlist for Attached and get a discount to the course


Get on the waitlist and get a personalized Attachment Evaluation by Dr. Quincee (the only way to be eligible is by joining the waitlist)

Register within 24 hours of the course opening and receive a personalized Attachment Evaluation

The bonus is only available if you register for the course within 24 hours of the waitlist opening. 

So what exactly is this Attachment Evaluation bonus?

Dr. Quincee will provide an evaluation for one of your relationships (you choose). She'll help you identify three communication issues, two emotional needs, and three skills you can use to manage this relational dysfunction in the future.

**You MUST join the waitlist and register within 24 hours of the course opening.**

I want this evaluation!

Here's what our students say about the course:

Do you feel lost in your relationships? 

Lindsey, Students

I'm ashamed to admit that I felt like I just couldn't get relationships right after a toxic boyfriend in college. I learned so much about what I was trying to get in relationships through the Attachment Evaluation in this course. I cannot recommend enough! Five stars!

Luke, Student

I really loved my partner but I always felt like I just needed too much from him.  I felt needy and demanding, which made my self-esteem a mess.  I learned about my anxious attachment and how often I was playing this out on my partner. Wow, that has changed my life.

Do you feel like you're doing it all wrong?

Mike, Student

No one prepares you to be a parent but I was definitely worried that I was going to replay my childhood with my own kids. I didn't want to admit it for a long time, but I needed someone to help me understand my frustrations and annoyance as a father. I cannot tell you how helpful this course has been.

Natalie, Student

I felt like my parenting and my marriage were driving me to drink and do odd things just to "survive". I had no idea that my attachment wounds were playing out. I learned how to cope with my avoidant attachment and I can already tell that my children feel better in our household. 

Meet your teacher

Hi, I'm Dr. Quincee

I am a clinical psychologist that specializes in religious trauma. Not sure how religious trauma and attachment are related? I hear that a lot. 

I'm not just interested in how religious trauma plays out for folks while inside of the groups.  I'm interested in how it impacts them as they try to put their lives back together. That's where I see folks struggling with their attachment wounds, codependency, deeply embedded trauma responses, and totally dysregulated nervous systems.  It's a LOT to get out of a cult and these survivors have taught me so much. 



But before I was a psychologist...

I lived through my own religious trauma and it impacted everything.

I lived by a ton of restrictive rules that made relationships terrifying to me.

I was guilt-tripped for having normal human experiences.

I felt like having any emotion whatsoever was going to be the downfall of my relationships.

I had so many attachment wounds with nowhere to figure those out.

I felt like something was wrong with me for a very long time. 

Turns out, all I needed was a little bit of support & education and things started to turn around for me. 

That's why helping trauma survivors understand their attachment trauma means so much to me. 

Here's the problem...

It's hard to know how to heal your relationships

when they all feel so messy right now.


You might be feeling like...

  • You're stuck in back-and-forth cycles of upset and frustration. 
  • You just need a little space OR you just need a little reassurance
  • Your trauma is going to haunt your relationships forever and you don't know what to do about it. 
  • You're going to ruin your children with your bad relational habits.

Here's the good news

I'm here to change that.


You can actually have good relationships. 


And you can learn how to feel more connected in 30 days.


You can feel secure and reduce your anxiety, big time. 

You can learn to navigate your needs and learn how to get those needs met consistently. 

You can start to feel like a better partner, parent, and friend. 

I'm saying "yes" to recovery

Wendy said this about Attached:

"I cannot believe that such simple skills were all I really needed to feel more connected to my husband and family. This was a game-changer for me."

Stacy said this about her journey through Attached: 

"I gave myself a huge gift in getting to the bottom of my anxious attachment this year. After way too long being single, I feel ready to start dating again."

You don't have to carry your trauma into your relationships.


It's time to learn how to feel connected again. 

Does this sound like you?


Worried your last relationship ruined you forever.

Feeling embarrassed that you don't quite know what you need in relationships.

Feeling disconnected and helpless to change it.

Are you wondering how you can change your relationship patterns in just 4 weeks?

Here's all the tools you'll get inside of the Attached course:

Four modules: 

Learn how attachment works and EXACTLY what you are doing to make things harder on yourself.  Get to the bottom of what goes wrong when you try to connect.


You're going to take all the skills that you've learned inside of the course and start applying them to your life. We'll have a toolkit for you to start implementing these skills immediately.

Audio Lectures:

Not in front of a computer? We get it.  Take us with you podcast style with audio versions of the lectures to listen to on the go, during your walks or while doing other chores. 

Attachment Quiz 

We all have to know our starting points.  This attachment quiz will help you determine how you're showing up to relationships and what you might need throughout the course.

Course Calendar

Do you start courses with good intentions and then abandon them halfway through? We've got a course calendar that'll keep you on track and in line with your relationship goals.


And there is more!

When you enroll, you'll also get these awesome bonuses:

Bonus #1

Trauma and Perfectionism Masterclass

Let's get clear on how perfectionism (and the anxiety connected to the pressure to be perfect) can be a trauma response.  Dr. Megan Johnson walks you through exercises for addressing your perfectionism in empowered ways.

Bonus #2

Becoming a Boundary Badass

Learn the basics of setting boundaries and how these impact your overall mental health.  Get boundary scripts, self-coaching prompts, and self-reflection activities to help you identify your boundaries and practice putting them in place. 

Bonus #3

Helpful Meditations

Are you needing someone else to do some of the work of helping you meditate and drop into your physical experience? We're giving you our entire meditation library to help you feel calm, collected, and connected to your experience. 

Our money-back guarantee

Try our program for 7 days, risk-free

Our 7-day Traumastery test drive means you can try our education program and if you aren't digging it, you can get a refund with no questions asked. 

This is for you if:

  • You grew up feeling anxious about being abandoned
  • You grew up feeling avoidant of connection because bad things happen when you're vulnerable
  • You are tired of the ups and downs of relationships and you just want to feel safe and secure with your loved ones

This is not for you if:

  • You aren't a trauma survivor and don't relate at all to the experience of attachment wounds. 
  • You are totally comfortable with your relationship experience and don't think you need to address any unhealthy dynamics. 

Are you ready to feel more connected in less than 30 days?

Hint: It's possible and I'll teach you each step to get there.

You aren't broken because of your trauma.  You're just repeating patterns and I'll show you how to unlearn those.


Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to feel connected in your relationships again (or maybe for the first time)? 

Join Our Waitlist for Attached

Get on the waitlist and get a personalized Attachment Evaluation by Dr. Quincee (the only way to be eligible is by joining the waitlist)

Register within 24 hours of the course opening and receive a personalized Attachment Evaluation

Attached will open soon to the waitlist. Join now.