Religious Trauma Coaching: One-on-one Intensive

Do you feel overwhelmed with guilt and shame most of the time?

Here’s the thing with religious trauma: the very places that were meant to be safe (your religious community) hurt and betrayed you. 

When we no longer feel safe in our communities, our relationships, or even our own minds, things begin to feel scattered and overwhelming. We're here to help.

You've joined A Year of Non-Magical Thinking (and we are so happy you did!) but are looking for a bit more guidance. We've got you covered.

  • Two personalized and private 2-hour coaching sessions. These intensive sessions are packed with goal-setting, behavior modification, boundary practice, and other necessary skills for recovering from religious trauma and cult abuse.

  • Bonus workbook of your choosing (Religious Trauma, Codependency, Self-Care After Trauma or Boundaries)
  • Trauma assessment at the beginning of coaching: This helps us know your starting point and the issues you’d like to address in your religious trauma coaching experience.

  • Unlimited emails for two weeks: This helps you stay on track and get your questions answered between your two separate intensive coaching sessions.

Coaching intensives are two separate coaching sessions for a total of 4 hours of coaching. 

$997.00 USD